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Powder Finish Eyebrow Tattoo Las Vegas Client

Permanent makeup eyebrows for the picky Las Vegas woman. This blended powder soft finish is the choice of the client who is not about drama. She wants to have a very subtle enhancement that mimics her brow powder and brush. A conservative individual who has no desire to be bold and wants just a touch of color, picks a powder finish that is created by Theresa at Axiom Wellness And Medical Spa.

New powder finish blended result for those who want a soft powder look and not a 3D Tri ColorTM hair stroke hair simulation permanent eyebrow look.


So soft and natural!!!


So don’t fear that Sharpie look of typical permanent makeup! That Sharpie look is not what this artist provides. This is NOT your average permanent makeup professional. Theresa has a softer style of her own that she alone developed and perfected to give the illusion and enhancement you desire. You want cosmetic tattoo that doesn’t look like a TATTOO!

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